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How Many Reiki Sessions Will I Need?

One question a new client might ask is “How many Reiki sessions will I need?”, and to be honest that will vary from person to person and will depend on their reasons for coming to see me.

One session of Reiki will always be beneficial, no matter the issues a client has and sometimes a standalone session is all that is required to help someone feel better. But if someone has a long-standing condition or deeper issues that they are dealing with, then I would suggest having a few sessions initially (probably 2-4 weeks apart) to see how we get on and go from there. The benefits of Reiki are often accumulative with each session and from my own experience, clients often find that they are able to slip more quickly into a relaxed state with each session, and that the relaxation feels a little deeper each time. For example, someone might come to me who is suffering with anxiety and so for the initial session we have, it makes sense that they might find it difficult to fully relax; but if they are to come for a few sessions then they will very likely find a deeper state of relaxation each time.

Often, people seek out treatment (whether that be Reiki or another healing modality) when they have reached a low point, and quite often they feel that they need a quick ‘fix’ for their issue or the way they are feeling. I think this is something that is prevalent in our culture, and this is not to cast blame onto anyone; it’s very much part of our social conditioning that we don’t prioritise our own self-care and wellbeing enough, or we feel guilty for making time for ourselves when we feel we should be giving it to others. We then hit rock bottom and don’t have any fuel left in the tank, and it’s only then that we feel we have permission to seek help. I would like to propose that we try to turn this notion around.

Having Reiki on a regular basis will keep your mental, physical and emotional health in good condition; it will keep your tank nicely full. It then becomes a preventative measure that you take as part of your self-care routine, rather than as reactionary measure when things have gotten to a really low-point. If you struggle with feelings of guilt for taking time for yourself and think it’s a bit too self-indulgent then I would gently ask you to bear in mind the old saying that ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ – how can you be your best self in the world and help those around you when you are running on empty?

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