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Essential Mood Boosters

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Essential oils can be a great support for a range of issues including stress, anxiety, PMS, low mood and sleep problems. Here are some oils that can help, plus some ideas on how to use them.

Clary Sage is a wonderful oil for balancing hormones and can be used to help relieve both PMS and menopausal symptoms. I would suggest putting a few drops onto a handkerchief or piece of muslin cloth and inhaling it directly when needed throughout the day. I find it takes the edge off of feelings of irritability and anger and promotes a more calm and balanced mood. I have used this when on busy buses and in situations dealing with people and daily life when quite frankly, I would much rather have been curled up in bed instead. The benefit of having it on a piece of cloth means that you can inhale quickly, easily and discreetly whenever you feel the need and just knowing you have that back up helps immensely, it really is like a little pocket saviour.

Bergamot & Sweet Orange and in fact any similar oils with a citrus, juicy scent are wonderful oils to try if you feel you need some help with boosting your mood on grey days. I would suggest putting a few drops of each into an oil diffuser, wherever you are spending most time and just having it running in the background, puffing out a lovely, scented aroma into the room. Alternatively, mix the oils with some distilled water in a spray bottle and use as an aura spray to spritz around yourself and inhale, as you do this take a moment to connect with yourself. Focus on your breath as it goes in and out of your body, become aware of the sensations in your body: your heart beating and the gentle thrum of energy coursing through you, can you feel it? It may be gentle but it's there. Place your hand on your heart if it feels good and just take a few moments to be in this state of pure presence, you could try this in the morning or to check in with yourself during the day, whenever needed.

Lavender & Ylang Ylang: Lavender is of course a renowned oil for relaxation and sleep, and Ylang Ylang is also known for it's relaxing and sedative properties. You could try both of these oils in a lovely warm bath with some baths salts before bed if you need help sleeping or for help with anxiety and stress. You could also try mixing them, perhaps with another sleep-inducing oil like Chamomile; put a few drops of each oil in some distilled water and into a spray bottle to spritz on your pillows before bed. Alternatively, put some drops of Lavender on it's own or mixed with Ylang Ylang into a carrier oil (I like Jojoba oil to use on skin as it is very similar to the skin's own natural oil and sinks in well) and use as a body oil after a shower or bath. Take this time to connect with yourself and treat your body with the love and devotion it deserves. Lavender is also incredibly healing for the skin, so focus on any particular areas that need some extra TLC, this is a lovely ritual that you can do before bed.

I hope that you find some benefit from these suggestions, essential oils are lovely to experiment with so why not pick a few to try and play around with some different ways to use them?

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