About Me

Hi there, I’m June and I run the Reiki Healing Space in Cambridge, UK - it's lovely to have you here!

A bit about me - I first got into Meditation about 13 years ago when I was struggling personally and it helped me through some real challenges, from there I expanded my practices to encompass Yoga, Breathwork, Cacao Ceremonies and basically anything that helps me to live a calm and centered life. It was my other foundation practices that brought me to Reiki really. I trained and received my attunements in Reiki over a couple of years to Reiki Master level, and I’m registered with the UK Reiki Federation.

I love helping people to find a deeply relaxed state and healing space through Reiki. I’ve worked with people in recovery from addiction and trauma, those experiencing stress and anxiety and also clients who just want to find deeply relaxing time for themselves in this often chaotic and overwhelming world. I pride myself on offering a safe, compassionate and welcoming space for people to receive treatments. 

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About Reiki

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

Reiki is an ancient healing technique where energy is channelled through the practitioner to the person receiving the treatment. Whilst the recipient is lying down, the Reiki practitioner will move their hands along points on the body with either their hands gently touching or moving just above - sometimes a combination of both. 

Reiki is a non-invasive technique and you remain fully clothed throughout the session. Those receiving Reiki often feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation, and sometimes experience feelings of warmth or tingling or see colours or light; this of course varies from person to person and indeed from session to session, your body will take what it needs during a session. It is a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothing and to take time afterwards to gently ease yourself back into the pace of life and to avoid doing anything too strenuous or hectic.

Reiki is a gentle but powerful therapy and can aid on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.